Combined Honours

Support for Exchange Students

Support for Exchange Students

We offer a wide range of support for our exchange students. We'll support you from pre-arrival, to after the completion of your exchange.

Each of our subject areas has an allocated subject advisor. These are academic members of our staff. They act as a point of contact for our students, and for subject-specific enquiries.

Personal tutor

Exchange students also have a Personal Tutor. This is an academic member of our staff who can provide help and guidance for any problems.

For Loyola exchange students, this is likely to be a former Loyola student who has been on an exchange to Newcastle in the past.

University-wide support

Outside Combined Honours, the University has a wealth of support services available for you.

After you graduate we'll continue to keep in touch with you via our Alumni Association.

You can also use the University Careers Service during your studies here, and for up to three years after graduation.

The University has guidance on: