School of Computing

Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

We are committed to building and maintaining a positive culture by celebrating differences, challenging prejudice and ensuring fairness.



We cannot reach our full potential unless we utilise the talents of all.

  • We are committed to advancing gender equality addressing the loss of women across the career pipeline and the absence of women at senior level
  • We are committed to addressing the underrepresentation across the groups and specialisms within the School
  • We are committed to tackling the gender pay gap
  • We are committed to tacking discrimination

Our committee will implement the action plan from our first Athena SWAN bronze award and more broadly will deliver oversight and input on all equality and diversity issues. Membership of the committee includes representation from academic, professional support, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Thought of the month

'Find something that you're passionate about and just love. Passion is really gender-neutralizing' Marrisa Meyer, CEO at Yahoo


We will contribute towards the achievement of the University’s equality objectives:

  • we are committed to charter mark activities including Athena Swan and the diversity charter
  • we will work towards a representative workforce embracing all
  • we will work towards a representative study body who experience equality opportunities and outcomes
  • we will work towards a diverse representation on School committees
  • we will share good practice across the School and SAgE Faculty
  • we will raise and resolve Equality Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) issues
  • we will support and contribute to the Faculty and University EDI activities and programme
  • we will champion an 'always-inclusive' culture

What we hope to achieve

We want to make the School as representative as we can. Rebalancing gender at higher levels takes time but it is an area that we are committed to. We will continue to identify ways of making the School more attractive to everyone, no matter their background, race, culture, status or gender.

Achieving Athena Swan bronze status was a huge achievement for the School but we recognise that there is still more work to be done. We have a number of actions from our action plan to complete.

Key features of our action plan

• use an annual culture audit to identify issues and support future action planning
• collaborate with other universities to promote inclusive ICT practices
• actively engage with professional bodies such as the BCS and external networks such as STEMNET WISE
• enable all staff to undertake training, especially in areas such as unconscious bias
• provide a peer support group for academic promotions, enabling staff to progress
• establish a school bursary, which will enable staff with caring responsibilities to attend conferences and meetings
• support long-term returners' transition back into work
• carry out review of existing workload allocation model in line with best practice in the higher education sector published by the Athena forum
• host exhibits on equality, diversity and inclusion in Computing to celebrate the diverse culture of the School and the academic discipline
• feed into the development of institutional plans to become Disability Smart by 2020

Report Issues

You can use the Improving our School Report It Form to inform the School of any behaviours or circumstances that you believe are making someone feel uncomfortable, excluded or threatened based on their race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability. This form will be sent to the Chair of the Self-Assessment Team. If you would like a response, please include your email address. 


We have a number of networks across the University:

  • Rainbow Network celebrates LGBT+ within the University
  • NU Women is open to all women. This network provides a forum for women to meet, share ideas, provide mutual support for their career development, and feeds into the University issues of concern and interest to women members of staff
  • Parents and Carers (University login required) is for all parents and carers at Newcastle University, including students. The group aims to build and oversee an interactive and supportive network for parents and to be a voice for parents with children of all ages at institutional level
  • BAME Staff Network (University login required) is cross-faculty support community and platform for institutional engagement run by and for BAME academic, professional and technical services staff, and postgraduate research students
  • Disability Interest Group is for anyone who wants to help promote a positive, safe and respectful environment for disabled students, staff and visitors. It’s a joint network, open to all disabled and non-disabled staff and students at Newcastle University

Committee Members

EDI Committee Members

EDI Committee Head

Laura Heels

Telephone: +44 191 208 3604

EDI Committee Members

Cagri Yildirim
Learning Enhancements Projects Adviser

Hazel Dixon
PhD Student

Dr John Mace
Lecturer in Security


Maddie Kinnair
Learning and Teaching Team Leader

Telephone: 0191 2088072

Dr Maryam Mehrnezhad
Research Fellow


Sara Bellwood
Operations Assistant

Xander Brouwer
Institute of coding Business Engagement Manager