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Your Degree Quality

Your Degree Quality

We ensure the quality and standards of all our academic awards. The key mechanisms for doing so are described on this page.

There are many people who review your degree programme and ensure that it is up-to-date. They're representatives from your School, across the University, and outside the University.

They make sure the University and its degree programmes are:

  • consistent in the treatment of students
  • appropriate in the forms of teaching and assessment
  • of the highest standards

Annual Monitoring and Review

Programmes are asked to comment and give evidence to an annual review. We outline what we think went well and what could be improved. 

We develop an action plan that lists new projects and activities to improve the degree programme. 

The Annual Monitoring and Review is itself reviewed at Faculty level each year. 

Your input

You can engage with the monitoring and reviews by becoming a student representative. You could also participate in School and Faculty committees.

Learning and Teaching Review

Each School or subject area is reviewed every six years or so. We're reviewed by a panel of University staff and one external member who is a discipline-specialist. 

This review examines the teaching and learning process. The review panel speaks with students and staff about their experiences of the programme. 

Your input

You can volunteer to meet with the panel if there is a review while you are a student.

You can also volunteer to serve as a student panel member for a review in another school. 

External examiners

Each programme has at least one external examiner. This is someone who works at a different University or in industry. 

External examiners use their expert judgement to:

  • assess the standards of our awards
  • review programme aims and learning objectives
  • check assessment questions and feedback

They make sure that our awards are at least comparable to those in similar subjects in other universities in the UK

We use external examiners to ensure the quality of our education. We require them to:

  • provide independent and impartial advice
  • give informative comment on the University’s standards 
  • assess student achievement in relation to those standards
  • draw upon their professional advice and expertise
  • give full and serious consideration to their reports

Your input

You may be asked to meet with external examiners when they come to visit the University. 

You can also get involved with the wider external examiner process. Consider participating in the Boards of Studies, Student-Staff Committee, and FLTSEC.