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Placements and Work Experience

Placements and Work Experience

Find out what your options are for getting work experience while you study.

Work experience during your degree can be:

  • a 12 - 15 month industrial placement 
  • shorter summer internships
  • part-time work during term time 

Each option gives you a period of practical experience. This will help you during your studies, and your longer term career.

An official industrial placement also lets you recognise and record the development of workplace skills.

Industrial placement

To do an official industrial placement as part of your course, you need to be on the correct degree course.

You have to be on a course which includes a placement. For example, G401 BSc Computer Science with Industrial Placement. 

We can help you, but we do not guarantee that you will find a placement.  

How to find a placement

You are responsible for finding, and applying for, the placement.

You can get help from the School and the Careers Service by:

Once you've secured a placement, you must complete a Placement Approval Form.

For advice about Student Finance for Placements please go to the Student Financial Support Team web pages:

Further information about placements can be found in the Undergraduate Placements Handbook 2016.

How to change programmes

If you are not on a programme that includes a placement, you can complete a DPD approval form to change programme.

You should wait until after you’ve secured a placement to do this. The form is available from Reception and needs to be signed by the Degree Programme Director.

Placements and Jobs Online

We have a jobs blog. This gives you current information about placements, events, graduate recruitment and advice. It also has a searchable archive. 

This information is also posted on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.


You can get sponsorship for your studies through the Sevcon Scholarships.