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Asynchronous circuits event held

In a three-day event, the Asynchronous Systems Laboratory has celebrated the 60th Birthday of its co-founder, Prof. Alex Yakovlev. The event comprised two international workshops:

  • Concurrency Theory Workshop on 18th July 2016
  • Asynchronous Workshop on 20th July 2016

as well as Workcraft Tutorial organised on 19th July 2016.

Close to 80 researchers, including over 20 international visitors, participated in the celebrations. At the end, a special Festschrift book has been presented to Alex containing 30 research articles on asynchronous systems contributed by his past and present collaborators.

The celebrations have been concluded by the first ever successful teleportation of a delicious Pavolva cake between two continents.

Alex Yakovlev

published on: 1 September 2016