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Cyber Security online course begins 5 September

The Secure and Resilient Systems research group in the School of Computing are putting the finishing touches on a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Cyber Security. The three-week course Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life will be running on the FutureLearn platform from 5th September 2016.

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to current topics in cyber security research and show how they relate to everyday life: dealing first with privacy online, then the security of online and contactless payments, and in the final week the implications of ‘smart devices’ in the connected home. A theme running throughout the course is the trade-off between security, privacy and usability: what are we willing to compromise, and how much risk do we tolerate in return for convenience? The course should be of interest to anyone with some background knowledge in Computing, and an interest in finding out current practice and research directions in this area.

You can read more about the course at the Security on Tyne blog, and sign up for it here.

The Huffington Post have written an article about the course which you can read here. The University press office have also issued a news item about the course, which can be viewed here.

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published on: 5 September 2016