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Highly-cited paper features in special article collection

A paper by Rajiv Ranjan has been included in an Elsevier article celebrating the Chinese Computer Science Research landscape.

Elsevier refers to the paper as part of a selection of “high quality research papers”, claim borne out by the work being the highest cited paper of any academic from the School of Computing published in the last 5 years.

Dr Rajiv Ranjan’s paper, written collaboratively as part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, deals with the significant growth in computational requirements for large-scale data-intensive analysis of scientific data. The paper, published in Future Generation Computing Systems, explores the design and implementation of G-Hadoop, a MapReduce framework that aims to enable large-scale distributed computing across multiple clusters.

Lizhe Wang, Jie Tao, Rajiv Ranjan, Holger Marten, Achim Streit, Jingying Chen, DanChen. G-Hadoop: MapReduce across distributed data centers for data-intensive computing. Science Direct, Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 29, Issue 3, March 2013


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published on: 30 October 2017