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Newcastle paper selected for 2018 Best Paper Award

The IEEE Systems Journal has selected Dr Rajiv Ranjan’s paper for its 2018 Best Paper Award.

This Systems Journal Best Paper Award is presented annually to the papers deemed the best among those published in the IEEE Systems Journal the previous year.

Each year up to 1% of eligible papers can be selected for the ISJ best paper award. In 2017, 598 papers were publised, therefore 5 were selected for the 2018 award.

In the paper "Game-Theoretic Market-Driven Smart Home Scheduling Considering Energy Balancing", Dr Ranjan and his co-authors propose a new game-theoretic energy planning model for energy providers and customers.

By using the new energy planning model:

(i) the customers are able to intelligently schedule home appliances in a way that reduces their energy bill at the community level; and

(ii) the mid-level energy aggregators/brokers minimise the energy purchasing expense from large utility providers.

Liu Y, Hu S, Huang H, Ranjan R, Zomaya A, Wang L. Game Theoretic Market Driven Smart Home Scheduling Considering Energy Balancing. IEEE Systems Journal ( Volume: 11, Issue: 2, June 2017,

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published on: 19 March 2018