School of Computing


Working With Schools


We run activities with schools, CPD for teachers, and events for school students. We also produce resources for Computer Science in the classroom.

Our Computing At Schools North East website has details of our activities including details of CPD work we do with teachers. 

To book a workshop please get in touch with us here.


We welcome visits from school students of any age group. Come and see our facilities and take part in computing activities.

We can consider activities on or off campus, and other links to schools. 


The Outreach Team

The Outreach Team is responsible for managing and coordinating our work. The team are:

A number of other staff, researchers and students are also actively involved.

The best way to contact the team is by email:

Venues for Visits

We have a range of venues that we use for CPD, events, and school visits.

Urban Sciences Building

The new home of the School of Computing will be the main venue for visits and Outreach events. The building can be located on Science Central. 

Great North Museum: Hancock, Claremont Road

The Great North Museum is on the opposite side of Claremont Road to Claremont Tower, at the junction with Barras Bridge.

It's building number 34 on the Newcastle University campus map‌‌. The Great North Museum postcode is NE2 4PT.

The meeting rooms we use are at the rear of the museum building. This is the opposite end to the Barras Bridge entrance.

You can walk through the museum to the meeting rooms, or use the campus entrance at the rear of the museum. 

King's Road Centre

The King's Road Centre is on King's Road in the centre of the campus. It's next to the Students' Union.

It's building number 4 on the Newcastle University campus map‌‌‌‌.

King's Road runs between the Claremont Road and St Thomas Street entrances to the campus.

Research Beehive, Old Library Building

The Research Beehive is in the Old Library Building. It is number 25 on the Newcastle University campus map‌‌‌‌.

The Research Beehive is on Floor 2 of the Old Library.

The quickest routes to the Old Library are either from Queen Victoria Road or across the lawn quadrant from Claremont Road.