School of Computing

Staff Profiles

Claire Nicoll

Learning and Teaching Team Leader


My main role is to manage the School’s teaching strategy and initiatives under the direction of the Director of Excellence, Learning and Teaching and the School Manager.  Myself and my team provide an effective student support service to all undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as a first class reception to visitors and guests.

Main duties include:

  • Day-to-day management of the Office Support Team.

  • Provide advice on matters relating to progress, module choice, PEC, appeals and disciplinary procedures and to support the School Office team in their student support roles.

  • Provide guidance and support to academic staff on all matters concerning academic programmes, including regulations, programme specifications, student progress, resource allocation and timetabling.

  • To manage the Schools examination procedures, including convening examinations boards. 

  • To oversee the timetabling process in the School, ensuring appropriate information is gathered on teaching requirements to enable a smooth and efficient timetabling process.

  • To produce the School’s teaching duties for all staff and to work with the DELT to ensure that timetabling and module teaching is distributed as required.

  • To assign postgraduate demonstrators to cover all teaching laboratory work within the School.

  • To manage the Schools induction process for all students.

  • To manage key teaching activities such as peer observation, module evaluations and pre-registration.

  • To manage the support given for visits such as RSC Accreditation and Learning Teaching Review within the School

  • I organise, maintain and continuously review office systems to ensure that the processes and procedures we have in place are effective and appropriate to the support function

  • To oversee the support given to students abroad and in industry



Secretary to the Board of Studies

Secretary to the Board of Examiners (UG & MSc)

Member of the School Teaching Committee