School of Computing

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Chris Napier

Stage 3 Demonstrator Coordinator and Outreach Officer


I am currently a first-year PhD Student in the Teaching Innovation Group (TIG) within the School of Computing. My research looks at improving student learning in Computer Science at undergraduate level. Part of my PhD involves working with the Outreach team to help plan events and look after the equipment. I studied my undergraduate degree at Newcastle and graduated my BSc in the summer of 2017. 

Alongside my PhD, I am also an active member of the School's Outreach team and help plan, organise and run events with local schools. For more information on the Outreach programme please see the following pages:

If you have any questions about Outreach then please send me an email or contact

My undergraduate studies involved a lot of extra curricular activities such as founding the Newcastle University Computing and Technology Society (NUCATS) in October 2014 an going into local schools through the entirety of my degree.. I was President of NUCATS for 2 years of my undergraduate and then took a step back and became the Treasurer in the final year of my undergraduate degree. The first year of the Society saw us win the "Best New Society 2015" and "Angel of the North - Best Fundraising Society 2015" and the second year we won the "Best Society 2016". I am immensely proud of the Society and those who have helped make it special for the students at Newcastle. 


Module Demonstrator (Academic year 2017-18): 

  • CSC1021: Programming I
  • CSC1022: Programming II
  • CSC1024: Computer Architecture (Lead Demonstrator)
  • CSC2022: Team Project Module (Including some Teaching Assistant responsibilities)
  • CSC2024: Database Technology (Lead Demonstrator)
  • CSC2025: Operating Systems
  • CSC3422: Concurrency
  • CSC8010: Computer Environments
  • CSC8311: Advanced Python


I am currently looking at the role metacognition (the idea of thinking about thinking or being aware about one's awareness) in computer science education. This has led me to conduct experiments that look at the confidence of students on our undergraduate program. By making our students aware of their own learning we can develop them into better learners; something that will develop them more than simply teaching them the material.