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Professor Henriette Kleijn

Visiting Fellow


Prof. Henriette Kleijn’s aims are to develop modelling concepts and investigate analysis techniques that can be used in dealing with localities of concurrent systems represented as Petri nets and applicable to GALS systems. There exist a causal process semantics for such systems, but this is only a first step on the way to understand the role and effect of localities in the behaviour of such systems. First of all, it is not yet known what are the typical properties of such processes (i.e., we lack an axiomatic characterisation which would fit into the semantical framework of PTL-nets). Closely related to this is the question of the abstract concurrency structures underlying such processes (causal partial orders or even extended causality structures of are insufficient to capture the intricacies of the interplay between local synchrony and causality). Prof. Kleijn also strengthened the research collaboration carried out within the successfully completed EPSRC funded CASINO project. She has also co-authored many papers with Prof. M. Koutny

Prof. Henriette Kleijn obtained her PhD at Leiden University in 1983 for work on a grammatical theory of formal languages. Already at the time of her PhD research she became interested in Petri nets. Consequently after obtaining the degree, her research has been concerned to a large extent with different models for concurrent and distributed systems while retaining and exploiting her interest in the theory of formal languages and automata. Globally her research activities relate to the possibilities and properties of concurrency both structurally and from a behavioural point of view. These were carried out within the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science as part of the ongoing research of the Theoretical Computer Science group and the (newly founded) cluster Foundations of Software Technology, often in collaboration with researchers from abroad and within national and international (EU funded) projects.