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Dr Holly White

Asst. Research Funding Development Mgr


ARFDM role

As an Assistant Research Funding Development Manager (ARFDM), my role is to support academic staff in obtaining funding for their research, in particular from the UK Research Councils.

I work with the Research Funding Development Manager to provide:

  • advice on funder strategy;
  • information on funders' forthcoming plans and opportunities;
  • support for large and complex funding applications;
  • visits and information sessions from funders;
  • 'in house' funding information sessions (for the University, schools and research groups);
  • advice on finding funding;
  • advice on preparing funding applications;
  • lay review of funding applications.

For more information please see the Science, Agriculture and Engineering Faculty research support website:

My particular areas of responsibility in this role are to:

  • Provide a communications strategy to ensure our support service is accessible to staff working across all schools and research institutes;  

  • Contribute to strategy by preparing academic staff to participate in funder panels, boards and sandpits; 

  • Enhance the support provided for Research Associates who have been identified by their schools as being good candidates for fellowship success; 

  • Review and refresh our library of successful proposals so that the research support team can offer the best quality guidance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help in any way with your research funding.


I have a degree in Natural Sciences (specialising in biology and chemistry) from The University of East Anglia (2011) and an MRes in medical and molecular biosciences from Newcastle University (2012).  

In 2016, I obtained a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry at The Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University. My research investigated the role of the NFAT and NF-?B transcriptional signalling pathways in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.