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Dr Michael White

Research Associate



I am a research associate within the school of computing science but my background is in molecular biology, I am a part of the Frontiers in Engineering Biology (NUFEB) project, funded by the EPSRC and am based in the Devonshire Building in Newcastle University.


I studied for an undergraduate degree in microbiology at Nottingham University where I also attained a Masters of Research degree in molecular microbiology.  Following this I moved to Sheffield University to do a PhD, looking at the roles of novel periplasmic proteins and their regulation in the human pathogen Campylobacter jejuni.  Following this I took up my current role at Newcastle University in July 2017.

Research Interests:

- Microbiology

- Molecular Biology

- Synthetic Biology

- Biochemistry

- Next Generation Cloning

- Protein Purification


- Microbial Community Engineering


I am a molecular microbiologist working for the synthetic biology team within the NUFEB project at Newcastle University.

Our long term goal is to 'upgrade' the bacteria which inhabit wastewater treatment systems in an effort to aid removal of micropollutants such as estrogens.  Our approach is to isolate certain families of bacteria from wastewater and to develop tools to genetically modify them in the laboratory.  We are also concurrently developing computational tools to find enzymes able to degrade estrogens from metagenomic data of wastewater bacteria.  

My research is primarily on using CRISPR-Cas9 to modify a mixed community of bacteria, with a specific focus on improving community function.  I am particularly interested in the use of bacterial conjugation as a method for transferring genetic material into wild microbial populations.


- Bacell 2018 - Bath, UK

- SBUK 2018 - Bristol, UK, Poster - Developing methods for altering the collective functionality of Bacillus species during the wastewater treatment cycle.