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Dr Muhammad Azad

Research Associate


I am a Research Associate in the Center for Software Reliability (CSR) at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. I am working with Dr. Feng Hao. I received Ph.D.(2016) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP), MS (2007) (Electronics Engineering) and BS Computer Sciences (2004) from the International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. I was also Researcher at Center of Multimedia and Telecommunication in INESCTEC at University of Porto. My PhD adviser at FEUP and INESCTEC was Prof. Ricardo Morla.  I also worked in a leading VoIP telecommunication operator for more than 3 years. 

My research interests span on the areas of security and privacy. In the past few years I have focused on designing systems and methods for detecting telemarketers, robo-callers and spammers in a telephone network especially Voice over IP (VoIP) network. I have also explored the ways for protecting privacy of telephony users when call records are outsourced to third party. I have also explored other topics of security, including the design of firewall security, privacy aware collaboration and outsourcing of network functions to the cloud system. I am also interested in traffic characterizing in IoT network, device characterization in a wireless networks and privacy aspects of Fog network. 

My Research Interest

I am interested in all the aspects of systems and network security, and privacy protection. I mainly focus on identifying anomalies and intrusions in the Internet infrastructure and services. Particularly I am interested in the followings:

  1. VoIP Security: Spam Detection, Intrusion Detection, Fraud Detection, Identity Linking, spoofing and Vishing attack detection
  2. Privacy-Aware Collaboration for Intrusion and Anomaly detection, Privacy Protected Communication, End-user Privacy Protection
  3. Data Security in public Clouds, Network Function Outsourcing to cloud, outsourcing Telecommunication Billing to cloud 
  4. Social Network Analysis, Application of social network analysis for network security and anomaly detection
  5. Traffic Classification for anomaly and intrusion detection, traffic and device characterization in emerging wireless networks (3G,wifi,4G)

Area of expertise: Cyber Security, Privacy-preserving reputation systems, Social Network Analysis, Spam over Internet Telephony, Collaborative Security

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