School of Computing

Staff Profiles

Dr Philip Heslop

Informatics Research Officer


Informatics Research Officer

November 2018 - Present

Working in the AGE group on various research informatics topics.

Research Software Engineer

Dec 2016 – October 2018

Working on the Linguacusine project - a follow-on from the Language Learning Kitchen projects. The aim is for participants to engage in authoring (and trying) technology-enabled cooking tasks in a second language, leading to learning about language, culture, cooking and technology. The project builds on Phil's background in educational technology, and his interest in the use of authoring as a way of promoting collaborative learning and digital inclusion.

Senior Computing Officer

Aug 2005 - Dec 2016

Research Software Development (Various Technologies depending on Project),

Design and Implement Participatory Studies, Write Publications, Manage Virtual Reality Facility and Decision Theatre, General Computer Support/Admin etc.


Research Interests

Education Technology

Computer Graphics

User Interaction

Digital Tabletops

Computer Games

Other Expertise

Computer Game AI
Character Animation

Current Work

Computing/Research Support
Teaching - Programming & Graphics
Digital Tabletops Research


Postgraduate Teaching

Computer Graphics
C Programming