School of Computing

Staff Profiles

Dr Sergiy Bogomolov

Lecturer in Computing Science


Sergiy is a Lecturer / Assistant Professor at the Newcastle University (UK). He is broadly interested in algorithms and techniques to support design and development workflow of trustworthy and resilient autonomous systems. For this purpose, he uses and develops techniques on the interface of hybrid automata verification and AI planning. Sergiy joined Newcastle University from Australian National University (Australia) in September 2019. Prior to being a faculty member at ANU, Sergiy was a postdoctoral researcher in Thomas A. Henzinger's group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). He completed his PhD at the University of Freiburg, Germany in 2015 under the supervision of Andreas Podelski.

For more information, please check out Sergiy's CV.

Open Positions

I have multiple open positions in my group. 

PhD student position:  The successful candidate will develop novel methods to design and analyze cyber-physical systems (e.g., autonomous cars). The main focus will be on the formal verification of hybrid systems, i.e., dynamical systems exhibiting mixed discrete-continuous behaviour. Depending on the interest and background of candidates, research can include topics from AI as well, e.g., AI planning and machine learning. The studentship is open to UK/EU and *international* students.


Candidate profile:

  • strong background in Computer Science and/or Mathematics  (particularly numerical methods, differential equations, control and optimisation theory) 
  • solid programming skills in C /Java/Python/Matlab 
  • should have completed, or about to complete, a Bachelors/Masters/Honours degree in Computer Science or related areas

Please send me a complete CV as well as your transcripts.

Postdoctoral researcher position: The successful candidate will work on algorithms and techniques to support scalable verification of hybrid systems. Candidates working on adjacent topics, which contribute to the broad goal of ensuring safety of autonomous systems such as synthesis of hybrid systems, are encouraged to apply as well. Interest in investigating links between formal methods and areas of artificial intelligence such as AI planning and verification of machine learning algorithms is welcome. Please follow this link for more details.