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Steve Caughey

Guest Member of Staff


As CEO of Arjuna Technologies Ltd (ATL), Steve is responsible for strategy, corporate development and partnerships. Prior to founding ATL Steve worked as a software engineer and system's architect for a number of telecommunications companies before joining the influential Arjuna research team at Newcastle University in 1990.

His research focused on large scale distribution, object migration and fault tolerance and he was instrumental in commercializing the prototype work of this group by co-founding Arjuna Solutions in 1998. Steve led this start-up company to acquisition, by Bluestone Software, within 12 months of creation.

In 2001, following Bluestone's acquisition by Hewlett-Packard, he formed the HP-Arjuna Labs in Newcastle which gained international acclaim as a Centre of Excellence in the complex domain of transactional and messaging software. In 2002, with the news that HP were disbanding their Middleware Division, Steve co-founded Arjuna Technologies as a vehicle to continue development of Arjuna's software products under license from HP. In 2005, he forged a partnership with JBoss that led to the distribution of Arjuna's Transaction Service as an Open Source component of the JBoss Middleware stack.

Steve holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Queen's University, Belfast, and an M.Sc. in Computing Software and Systems Design from Newcastle University.