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Dr Wen Zeng

Guest Member of Staff


Dr. Wen Zeng is a Guest Member of Staff at the School of Computing Science, Newcastle University. She is also a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Cyber Security at De Montfort University. She is working with Professor Maciej Koutny and Professor Brian Randell on the EPSRC funded projects. She was awarded her Ph.D. on "Quantitative Analysis of Distributed Systems" under the supervision of Professor Maciej Koutny in 2014.

Her research interests mainly include: Petri net based behavioural models of complex systems; distributed systems, with a focus on quantitative aspects (costs, likelihoods, time); Cyber security (information security economics, digital rights management systems, information flow security, security metrics and standards). 

She has a strong research background in applied mathematics, theoretical computer science and Cyber security. She has a BSc in applied mathematics (information and computing science) and an MSc in computing science. She developed systematic approaches to quantitatively analyse the security properties in concurrent and distributed system. In their research, they are focusing on using formal models (e.g., queueing theory, Petri nets, and stochastic Petri nets) to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse the security policies in the Cloud computing systems. In addition, they have investigated the failure of the systems and user behaviours would affect the productivity of the staff members in the business organisations. 


Wen Zeng (PI), “Benefit and cost of Cloud computing security”, 02/2018 – 03/2018, £7304, Cyber Security Academic Start-up Programme, Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network.

Wen Zeng (PI), Helge Janicke, Isabel Wagner, and Francois Siewe, “Access control and data privacy for Cloud computing”, 11/2017 – 07/2018, £8000, Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF Project Funding) 2017-18, De Montfort University.

Wen Zeng (PI), “VC2020 research fund”, 11/2017, £1000, De Montfort University.

Wen Zeng, Maciej Koutny, and Paul Watson, “Opacity for Internet of Things”, 05/2014 – 07/2014, £4500, School Research Funds from School of Computing, Newcastle University: to quantitatively analyze the opacity in Internet of Things with Cloud computing systems.


Journal papers:

  1. Zeng, W. and Koutny, M. “Quantitative analysis of opacity in cloud computing systems”. Journal of Information Security, 2017. (to appear)
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  3. Zeng, W. and van Moorsel, A. “Quantitative evaluation of Enterprise DRM technology”. In Journal Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), Volume 275, September 2011, Pages: 159-174.

 Conference/Workshop papers:

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 Technical reports:

  1. Zeng, W., Koutny, M. and Watson, P. “Opacity in Internet of Things with cloud computing”. In Newcastle University, school technical report CS-TR-1481, September 2015.
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