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Dr Yuchun Ding

Research Associate



I'm a computer scientist who has a great interests in taking pathology out in the public. While working and learning side-by-side with world renowned pathologists to develop practical solutions in digital pathology, I applied my knowledge from entrepreneurship training aiming to make cutting edge microscopic technologies easier to access in the UK, which will provide high resolution full-slide imaging that will ensure a more accurate diagnosis and hence better treatment for cancer. 

I've also created a Twitter page to popularise "microbiology/biomedical science as a hobby" with an ultimate goal to inspire the next generation of scientists, I would love to hear any creative ideas for improvement!

Current Project

We are currently running a fundraising campaign to fund a microscope whole slide scanner for Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi, so that consultants in Newcastle will be able to enhance their existing service which provides rapid diagnosis for children with blood cancer in Malawi remotely. This is the first step for a bigger dream that could connect more health care professionals to deprived or rural areas around the world. 

Our story has appeared on:


Newcastle University press release 

Newcastle Hospitals, News

Royal College of Pathology President's E-Newsletter February 2019 (page 7)

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I joined the School of Computing Science in 2016 as a research associate at the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group and I am part of the Newcastle Molecular Pathology Node (NMPN).

Ph.D. (Computer Science) Nottingham University, 2012-2016

B.Sc. (Computer Science) Nottingham University, 2008-2011

St Bede's College, Manchester, 2006-2008