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Dr Yu Guan



I am a Lecturer in Data Science and I lead the Machine Learning Group in Open Lab at the School of Computing. My research interests are machine learning and its various applications such as behaviour analysis, wearable and ubiquitous computing, computer vision and biometrics, etc.

The research agenda of my team is to develop practical AI tools on solving the challenges for real-world applications. In essence, it is to model the practical problems using mathematical languages and develop machine learning algorithms for the optimal solution,  bridging the gap between signal/data and human understandable knowledge. We have comprehensive experience in processing data from different sources such as video, time series data, text, etc. for different purposes, e.g., physical behaviour assessment for health and well-beings, online behaviour analysis for cyber criminal activity detection, etc.  We are also developing mechanisms on increasing the transparency/interpretability of the complex AI models, which is crucial for many applications such as automated medical diagnosis. 

Area of expertiseMachine Learning, Behaviour Analysis, Ubiquitous Computing, Data Integration

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CSC8111 "Machine Learning", School of Computing, Newcastle University, 2017-2018