School of Computing


MSc Computer Security and Resilience - Graduated 2013

Current role - Chief Technical Officer at ModelTag and Mobile Developer at Tor Project

Did you have a gap between your undergraduate and postgraduate study? If yes, describe what you did in between studying:

It was a "forced" gap year due to Italian bureaucracy problems, so I decided to work as a developer for that year before taking the MSc in Newcastle.

Why did you choose to study your postgraduate degree at Newcastle University?

I did my Erasmus year in the UK in Leicester and I really loved the English university system, so I decided to go back for a MSc and I chose Newcastle for the course in Computer Security and Resilience.

What did you most enjoy about studying your course?

Projects, group projects. Did I say projects? :D
Well, I also enjoyed the fact that the workload was perfectly balanced and gave me time to study not only courses but also deepen my knowledge with external sources.

What did you enjoy most about living in or around Newcastle?

Nights out, partying, meeting other students, trips around.

What were your career aspirations when you graduated? Explain how studying at Newcastle has helped you in your career:

I didn't want to end up in a company, I wanted to work freelance and build my own company. For the final dissertation I developed an open source project with Globaleaks, that eventually led me to meet a lot of people, and in particular, people working with The Tor Project, the organization I collaborate with now.

What advice would you give students considering postgraduate study at Newcastle?

Fully enjoy your time in Newcastle, make this year unforgettable, meet people, do more activities other than just studying. You are laying the foundations for your life, not only getting a degree.