School of Computing


Course: Cloud Computing MSc

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University has a great reputation among cloud computing circles and it was also one of the few universities to offer a one-year programme in it. The city was just the right size and I knew a bit about the Geordie culture and really wanted to find out first-hand what it would be like.

Studying at Newcastle

I like the fact that the course is divided into a block teaching system. We don’t ever go back to a module once its block is over. If someone wishes to gain a solid understanding of cloud computing, then this is the course for them.

Postgraduate study requires much more responsibility and self-study to begin with. We didn’t study in groups much due to the nature of module assessments. A lot more research has to be done in the library and on the internet. Undergraduate study is more about familiarisation with the field, while an MSc requires more input to the field.

Postgraduate Community

The societies are amazing, and I joined four. I wish I could join more, but my studies won’t let me go that far, unfortunately. The fact that I had so many postgraduate students to support me during the early weeks here made settling in so much more comfortable.

Funding my studies

The University offered me a 'Postgraduate Country Specific Scholarship' upon my request. They were quite supportive throughout the process. My studies are funded mostly through parents and personal funds. Newcastle has a lot of opportunities for IT students who wish to work while studying and that was also one of the sources of funding.

Career aspirations

I wish to work somewhere in the cloud computing industry. The MSc in Cloud Computing has equipped me with enough skills to move in that direction. The city is working on cloud computing in collaboration with the University, with the largest cloud computing centre in the UK under construction. This gave me networking access to some of the best specialists in the field.


It’s one of the best things about my experience here. It was extremely easy to find a decent place to live in, which was brand new University accommodation next to the high street. The rent was quite low, considering the location, and the people there were so much fun.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is just the right size for someone who likes to live in an urban environment, but also wants an escape from time to time. Geordies are so friendly, they like to have fun and they love their football team like crazy. I love eating out and there’s so much to choose from. The coast is just 15 minutes away and you could walk to literally anywhere, especially if you want to see the city’s legendary nightlife.

Remembering Newcastle

My memories of Newcastle: interesting, challenging, fast-paced. But most of all, it was worth the experience.

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