School of Computing


Course: Computing Science Integrated PhD

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University was the only university that had the right programme suited for my needs: the IPhD Computing Science.

Studying at Newcastle

The support received from the lecturers and the Head of School has been tremendous and amazing. One would think the Head of School would be too preoccupied to attend to students, however this has not been the case. He comes to the labs and asks students how they are faring, giving advice and encouragement. I would recommend my course to my friends.

Postgraduate community

Being a postgraduate requires the individual to be an effective time manager. You have to be interested in carrying out research for an extended period of time to ensure that good quality work can be produced.

Funding my studies

I received a scholarship award of £1000. I am a sponsored student.

Career aspirations

My long term career goal is to become a university lecturer. Studying at Newcastle University has helped to broaden my knowledge base on IT security. There are opportunities to work as a demonstrator and also training/seminars that I plan to attend. These would further hone my skills. So apart from the theoretical knowledge, I am gaining practical knowledge.


I live in Leazes Terrace. The staff in Accommodation Services were very helpful and responded promptly to all my email requests.

Living in Newcastle

The University is a short distance from my accommodation so it is so convenient to walk from my room and no need to bother about bus times. There are shops and banks within walking distance, which means you can attend to other non-academic issues without any hassle.

Remembering Newcastle

I will remember my time at Newcastle University as interesting, challenging and very beneficial.

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