School of Computing



My Project

I am working with industry to use big data and machine learning techniques in a security context; currently we are investigating using network scans to predict future attack pathways.

Choosing Newcastle University

I originally graduated with a degree in Physics and Astrophysics, but always had cyber security as a hobby. I came to Newcastle for the Computer Science MSc, and after completing that I decided that a PhD on security would be the next best step. With my unique background and combination of skills, Newcastle was the obvious choice to provide me with the contacts and support necessary for a project like this. The data and expertise required mean that this is truly the only place suitable for this project.

Top Tips

Don’t limit yourself to your degree title, don’t be afraid to learn as you go, and keep a sticker over your webcam.

Research Community

The community here is great. If you are struggling with anything there is always someone who is an expert and is willing to help.


After I complete the PhD I hope to work in the cyber security industry.