School of Computing


Luca Arnaboldi

My Project

My focus is in the area of IoT security. My research interests are formal system modelling and Protocol Verification. Specifically, I'm exploring the area of modelling IoT systems, taking particular interest in what makes these systems unique, and what that means from a security perspective! My previous work in the area includes a model for observing the impact of Power Drain Denial of Service on Systems of interconnected embedded devices. I am now working on the problem of firmware updates in the IoT.

Choosing Newcastle University

I was previously an Undergraduate student at Newcastle University, and during my degree, through interactions with the University staff and my various lecturers, tutors and supervisors, I soon realised I wanted to pursue a career in academia. When the opportunity presented itself to do a PhD in an area I was truly interested in, and to be supervised by one of the lecturers who I respected and who inspired me to choose this career path, I jumped on the opportunity!

Top Tips

Three years is a long time - make sure you’re doing a PhD for the right reasons, and that you choose a topic you truly enjoy and that you will be able to enjoy working on.

Research Community

The SRS group at Newcastle is full of incredible researchers from whom you can really learn a lot, being a part of this group you get to be right in the centre of some of the best and most interesting research being done in the field!


I’ve known for a while that I want to continue my career within academia, and therefore I aspire to continue through the standard post-doc path, and eventually (hopefully), move to a lectureship position.