School of Computing


Mario Parreño Centeno

My Project

My work involves research on Machine Learning for anomaly detection, with an emphasis on unsupervised deep learning models. The incorporation of sensors in many devices such as the smartphone allows us to collect data specific to the user. Analysing and modelling that data, we can extract characteristic behavioural patterns to detect unauthorized use of services and devices. The intrinsic nature of some sources of data permits the implementation of continuous authentication approaches, which are able of authenticating users on a continuous basis without requiring any explicit action. Furthermore, we investigate the real-time operation of the system and the trade-off security-usability to maintain a satisfactory user experience.

Choosing Newcastle University

The School of Computing at Newcastle University has been listed number one in the UK for research impact. Furthermore, the university counts with national-level recognition on data science research as part of The Alan Turing Institute.

Research Community

The university is recognised nationally for its data science research as part of The Alan Turing Institute.


My interests are in the areas of security and machine learning, particularly on authentication and unsupervised deep learning.