School of Computing

Mohammed Aamir Ali

Mohammed Aamir Ali

My Project

My research centers around exploiting the potential vulnerabilities in the payment eco-system (i.e. NFC mobile payments, PUSH and PULL payment applications and online payments). Understanding the insidious tactics targeting the world of cyber systems gives me an in-depth insight into the methods and psychology of attackers. I have an ongoing research which involves landscaping the developments and security challenges in the e-commerce payment system.

Choosing Newcastle University

I chose Newcastle University mainly because the course and modules the University had to offer were of real interest. Excellent support from prominent staff and an opportunity to work with the supervisor who is much respected in the field helped me to decide to pursue a PhD within the School of Computing.

Top Tips

Newcastle University has a very welcoming environment. Would definitely encourage prospective students to consider Newcastle University as their place to study. Talk to people within the University to explore your interests and work hard to achieve your goals.

Research Community

The research community in the School of Computing is very well known in the UK for its academic excellence. One can expect to receive sincere support: whether from other students, staff or other members of the SRS research group.


After I complete the PhD I hope to work in the cyber security industry.