School of Computing



My Project

My focus is modelling to defend against influencing attackers. Specifically, I consider psychological influences, which can change the way we behave. With the application of security, psychological influences can change the way an individual or a group adopts to a security policy or perceives the need for a security decision.
My work has many links with computer science such as the use of Petri Nets, which is a modelling language. I have made use of machine learning and simulation techniques to further my work. Additionally, I am using physical devices to collect live data to re-enforce my models!

Choosing Newcastle University

I was previously a Masters student at Newcastle. After being approached to do a PhD in computer security, I jumped at the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the MSc working on a broad range of topics to give me the essential skills to start in the world of computer security.

Top Tips

A good routine works wonders for a PhD. Plan your work accordingly, I use a Pomodoro technique also known as the Tomato timer and work in 25min bursts!

Research Community

The community at Newcastle is a fantastic set of researchers. I can honestly say that I have had a great team of supervisors to guide me throughout my PhD.


Having worked in academia and in industry, post PhD I would happily work in either area.