School of Computing


Rem Gensh

My Project

Engineering Holistic Fault Tolerance

My research is about investigating Holistic Fault Tolerance. I am looking for the possibilities to make fault tolerance mechanisms more efficient with regards to performance and resources of computer-based systems. This is crucial for all systems from small embedded systems to large-scale data centres. The idea of Holistic Fault Tolerance assumes that fault tolerance mechanisms should be designed and implemented taking into account the entire system rather than separate components of this system.

Choosing Newcastle University

After more than 5 years working in the industry as a software developer, I decided to return to academia. I chose Newcastle University because it is a world class University that has been particularly successful in Computing Science. Newcastle University provides high quality facilities and all the training required for a successful research. Moreover, the city of Newcastle upon Tyne is very convenient for life and study.

Top Tips

Research and Study:

There are a lot of workshops and scientific presentations where you can absorb new ideas, discuss your research progress, and network with others. The University provides everything you need for productive and successful research: computer clusters across the campus, the library, various laboratories... With your smart card, you can have the access to these facilities in the evenings and on weekends.


Depending on your preferences you can choose

  • University Accommodation (close to the campus, all bills are included)
  • Private sector accommodation (more personal space)
  • Shared accommodation (the cheapest option for socially active students)


After a hard day at work, everyone needs to recharge their batteries. Newcastle upon Tyne offers a great variety of entertainment: cafes, pubs, night clubs. There are a lot of opportunities to explore the surrounding area by foot or on the bike. In addition, you can visit many beautiful places by car, bus, train and plane during the weekend.

Research Community

During my studies, I worked at PRiME project; this gave me plenty of inspiration for my thesis. In addition, I had the opportunity to discuss my research with people from various areas of Computing Science and Electrical Engineering. All of this made an invaluable contribution to my research project.


At the moment, I am at the writing-up stage of my PhD. Thus, my closest goals are thesis submission and viva. I am sure that my PhD time will be beneficial for my future career.