School of Computing


Roberto Metere

My Project

On-paper old-fashioned formal proofs in cryptography (and other fields) became too difficult to handle rigorously, hence mechanised proofs are emerging to boost their correctness, reproducibility, ability to be understood, and reliability. My research focuses on improving the automation of cryptographic proofs that guarantee security properties in the computational model, specialising in formal verification of protocol design in secure computation.

Choosing Newcastle University

After a period of time working in industry and as a freelancer, I realised that I needed to pursue a PhD. The high quality of research at Newcastle, as well as the attitude of the professionals I collaborate with every day, helped me to choose here.

Top Tips

Listen to yourself, focus on and shape your best thought, then share it and collect precious new ideas. Repeat.

Research Community

When I joined the Secure and Resilient Systems (SRS) group at Newcastle University, I found many excellent researchers I could collaborate with. Their honesty towards sensible and high-quality research is an everyday source of inspiration to constantly improve and learn.


I love research and teaching. I like to believe that academia is the best place for me. On the other hand, I genuinely appreciate doing research work for companies, where research meets the needs of the real world.


Roberto Menere