School of Computing



My Project

Escalation of cyber security incidents in Federated Identity Management.

The idea is to investigate how security incidents can increase in severity given some adversary foothold.

I started by doing a systematic literature review on implementations and protocol specifications of Federated Identity Management systems.

Now my focus is in using an abstraction known as attack trees to model security incidents in FIM. The advantages of this approach are that attack trees allow us to realise different ways security incidents can occur and this property allows us to consider complex scenarios with different goals that possibly feed into each other.

Choosing Newcastle University

I did my undergraduate and masters at Newcastle which I really enjoyed, and I feel like I grew significantly as a person. An opportunity to do a PhD I was interested in came up, so I took it.

Top Tips

Few people understand complex topics on a first pass. Keep trying, and what you once thought of as hard will become easy.

Research Community

Computing has recently moved into the Urban Sciences Building, so the social aspects and research collaboration has never been better.


Finish my PhD and see where we go from there.

Sean Simpson