School of Computing


AMSD - Accompanying Measure on System Dependability

AMSD addresses the need for a coherent major initiative in FWP6 encompassing a full range of dependability-related activities, e.g. RTD on the various aspects of dependability per se, (reliability, safety, security, survivability, etc.); education and training; and means for encouraging and enabling sector-specific IST RTD projects to use dependability best practice. It is aimed at initiating moves towards the creation of such an Initiative, via road-mapping and constituency and consensus building activities undertaken in cooperation with the groups, working in various dependability-related topic areas, who are already undertaking such activities for their particular domains. The results will be an overall dependability road-map that considers dependability in an adequately holistic way, and a detailed road-map for dependable embedded systems. This latter will cover application and technology assessment, and a research agenda for dependable embedded systems.