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Angelou - Digital Strategy for the Angelou Centre

The Angelou Centre is a registered charity (charity number 1044344) aiming to advance the economic independence of women who are excluded or disadvantaged due to race, gender and age. It is well known and well regarded as the provider of high quality community training in which black and minority ethnic women are supported by a team of multilingual and culturally diverse workers and volunteers. The Angelou Centre wants to make better use of Internet and other technologies to reach out to its target group, without alienating or endangering the women. Doing this well is challenging, since the women in the target group come from different cultures, speak different languages and have access to differing digital communication technologies. Moreover, the women are often in threatening environments, limiting the abilities to communicate freely and putting requirements on limiting the traceability of browsing or phone conversations. The Angelou Centre needs a strategy for outreach to its target group through digital technologies, and a demonstration implementation of facets of that strategy.