School of Computing


CASE-SeizureSpreading - CASE Studentship 'Modelling and visualizing network dynamics: Spreading of epileptic seizures in the brain'

The project is to model the spreading of epileptic seizures starting on the local level of columns up to the cortical level and to test measures to stop the spreading. The simulation of seizure spreading are compared with real patterns measured by EEG. In order to simulate spreading, scalable algorithms for activity spreading and network dynamics will be developed. Furthermore, new algorithms for analyzing activity patterns (e.g., dynamic motifs or clusters) will be implemented.

The work during the company placement builds upon knowledge from the PhD research project (e.g., spreading of spam e-mails instead of epileptic spreading or implementing analysis algorithms for clustering and motifs). Visualizing the spreading and implementing fast algorithms would be achieved before the company placement, therefore, the student could readily apply the tools to biochemical or spam networks and work on an analysis of the resulting spreading patterns.