School of Computing


CASE Award in Resilient Service Oriented Architectures

Service-Oriented architectures (SOAs) have the potential to make modern Systems of Systems (SoS) responsive, open and adaptable. However, their lack of homogeneity and their dynamic character affects our ability to design predictably resilient SOA-based systems. This project will advance design techniques that tackle this issue by expressing subsystem requirements and guarantees as explicit and formal interface contracts between components in architectural models with sound semantics. If we can express non-functional as well as functional characteristics in contracts, then it is potentially possible to analyse system-level properties during architectural design (and in some cases potentially at run-time), identifying vulnerabilities which can be resolved prior to acquiring component subsystems.

The project will examine architectural description frameworks relevant to a range of applications, including Command and Control and real-time embedded systems, in order to examine their capacity to support interface contracts in SOA. It will define a semantic basis for reasoning about composition of interface contracts, identify tool support capable of performing this form of analysis and help identify the limits of compositional reasoning in SOA.