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Cinehack is about hacking film. It's about the stuff you won’t learn at film school…

Cinehack's aim is to support lo/no-budget filmmakers and provide a place to gain and share insights which might be interesting to newbie movie-makers and cinematic old-hats alike; all the while building a community of 'cinehackers' who can share knowledge and ideas. We also provide links to the many other areas of relevant activity elsewhere on the web, through more general sites such as Instructables, LifeHacker and other 'maker' communities. Cinehack covers many of the complex, expensive and difficult technical aspects of film-making, from quadcopter aerial shots to building a motion control rig for <£100. Some of these techniques we’ve developed ourselves, some we’ve borrowed from clever people who weren’t afraid to improvise and refused to be constrained by budget, contacts or imagination!