School of Computing


DCSC - Dependable Computing Systems Centre

The DCSC works with BAE SYSTEMS operating companies to advance the technology of high integrity aerospace computing systems.  The research is based at York and Newcastle, with the Newcastle group concentrating the modelling and analysis of system requirements.

Current work includes the development of accessible, rigorous notations for the representation of non-functional and functional properties for component-based systems. Over recent years techniques have been developed to represent safety requirements, including timing properties, to a high level of rigour, leading on to systematic representation of design strategies, with the ability to prove the strategies against the safety requirements. Requirements traceability work has focussed on providing a systematic linkage between requirements and the parts of the system design which purport to satisfy them, and a means of recording the rationale for the decisions that were being made. This work has evolved to consider the means by which the benefit of traceability can be realised for those members of the development team with the responsibility for recording traceability information.

All developments are regularly tested against case studies supplied by the operating companies of BAE SYSTEMS.