School of Computing


Hyper-DoVe - Hyper-privacy: Case of Domestic Violence

This EPSRC-funded Research in the Wild project aims at applying technologies in tackling problems associated with domestic violence, enabling victims of domestic violence to obtain support and assistance, and therefore improving their quality of life. Our research so far shows that victims have two major barriers to successfully accessing the support services they require: 

Increasingly, individuals embrace mobile and internet technologies as an integral part of their daily lives. As a result, various concerns have been raised with regard to privacy and social implications of living with and through such technologies. This project will investigate and respond to these concerns by exploring the needs and challenges associated with situations where privacy is so paramount that any privacy breach or information leakage could lead to psychological harm, physical harm or even death, such as in domestic violence cases.

The objectives of our research are therefore to overcome these barriers by refining, developing and evaluating a toolkit of privacy technologies that enable users to achieve privacy while accessing information online, with minimum effort and without leaving digital record of their visit.