School of Computing


Incorporating Interactive Pedagogical Methods - Information Technology Education

Modern educational environment increasingly involves the use of interactive learning technologies and practices. This situation, common and widespread in Western Universities, is in response to employers’ expectations that a University graduate have not only the expertise to apply conventional approaches to problem solving but also the capability to generate and evaluate innovative ideas. These expectations are best met through interactive pedagogical technologies wherein students are guided by teachers to develop skills for self-learning, self-assessment, group-learning, innovation and independent work studies. Adopting these practices within the Kazakhstan Information Technology (IT) educational system is the principal focus of this project. It also addresses the issues raised in the new economic policy "Nurly Jol", outlined in the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev "Nurly Zhol", which emphasizes modernization of Educational sphere in Kazakhstan as a necessary step for realizing the fruits of a knowledge economy.