School of Computing


IRIS - Instantiating Responsibility in Information Systems

Work over the last few years at the University has done much to clarify the underlying metaphysical and ontological basis of the intentional concepts required to account for such things as responsibility, conflict of interest, assignment of axiological value and the role relationships which moral agents can hold with respect to each other. What is now required is an investigation of how and to what extent these can be (a) formalised so as to permit some form of semantic reasoning and (b) systematised in purely extensional terms so as to permit representation in an information system. This investigation is what is proposed; and we shall throughout the investigation continually apply the interim results to the domain of primary healthcare so as to ensure their validity and applicability to real world situations. However, it is important to recognise that the investigation will be general, with healthcare as providing a context of validation, rather than specific to healthcare. Thus the results will be equally applicable to other similar domains, such a military command and control, or multi-agency social care, where the main issue is integrating systems with respect to transfer of responsibility rather than with respect to transfer of information or data.