School of Computing


Leveraging Gamification and Social Networks for Improving Prevention and Control of Zika

The objectives of this project are:
  • leverage and improve the collective knowledge about Zika in specific locations, such as poor neighbourhoods, generated by social networks.
  • investigate mechanisms to automatically identify/promote social sensors in online networks, such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • design and apply gamification strategies to stimulate citizens to denounce and confirm Aedes breeding sites as well as Zika cases in their communities.
  • update users, in real time, about actions taken by heath agents regarding each denounce.
  • investigate gamification means to engage agents in using VazaZika to help them locate mosquito breeding sites and Zika cases through denounces. 
As part of this project we will work with the health authorities in the Alagoas and Pernambuco states that are facing the highest rate of Zika and Dengue cases in Northeast of Brazil.