School of Computing


Maximising the commercial impact of (meta-) genomics via bespoke HMM and big data tools

This project will develop a bioinformatics system for the mining, identification, annotation, analysis and design of ketoreductases from metagenomic sequence data. The objectives are as follows:

1) To gather requirements for the proposed system in collaboration with Prozomix

2) To research and design a cloud-based workflow for processing the large, complex datasets arising from the Prozomixmetagenomics sequencing programme

3) To implement the necessary processes and the workflow using the Microbase cloud computing system developed at Newcastle University

4) To develop an intuitive, Web-based, graphical user interface to the software system

5) To test and refine the system in collaboration with Prozomix

6) To train Prozomix staff in the use of the system


Collaborator: Prozomix Ltd.