School of Computing


MIDAS - Middleware for Composable and Dynamically Adaptable Services

A ubiquitous computing environment will be required to realise the Framework Six Programme (FP6) vision of ambient intelligence; in such an environment processors will be everywhere and will be interconnected by a diverse array of networks, from ad-hoc to the global Internet. Constructing the software infrastructure for the ubiquitous computing environment poses a number of scientific and technical challenges. A fundamental requirement is for middleware architectures capable of supporting services that are composable and adaptable.

The objectives of the MIDAS Accompanying Measure are

1) to create a research roadmap for the development of the next generation middleware capable of supporting services that are composable and adaptable within the context of large scale systems where quality of service issues ranging from fault-tolerance, timeliness to security and survivability are of paramount importance; and

2) to build Europe wide partnerships for creating an integrated project (IP) for future work in this area in the forthcoming FP6.