School of Computing


NERVE: North East Regional Visualisation Enviroment

Real-time Visualisation of a Shared Geo-spatial Model

The primary objective of this project is to carry out the basic research that will allow a single shared interactive digital model of the built environment in any geographic region to be created and maintained by the stakeholders in the region. The project aligns directly with the Modern Built Environment area of the Design, Simulation and Modelling priority of the DTI, with specific emphasis on encouraging interactive collaborative working within a shared networking environment. The aim to make the concept and practical experience of a single interactive model thoroughly persuasive to stakeholders. To support this objective a demonstration model in a specific region (the North-East of England) will be constructed, but the approach could be readily extended to provide a seamless model of the UK. The technical scope of the project includes the problem of providing semantic web services for geographic data (undertaken by Phil James in Geomatics) and mobile visualisation of geographic space which is our primary concern.

Collaborators: IMASS Ltd, Ordnance Survey, 1Spatial.