School of Computing


Platform Grant Distributed Systems - Platform Grant in Networked Computing in Inter-Organisation Settings

It is widely recognized that the public utility model of service management - such as for electric power, gas, water - provides the most appropriate analogy for describing how computer services will be structured and managed. A utility computing environment will be capable of supporting services with arbitrarily large resource requirements by dynamically acquiring and securely managing resources from service providers as the need arises. Effective realisation of such an environment poses deep scientific challenges of enabling trusted resource sharing for service provision in inter-organisational settings: How to provide QoS enabled services in open settings? How to represent terms and conditions? How to check that terms and conditions are honoured by providers and consumers? How to enable information sharing in potentially hostile environment? How to compose a service dynamically? Many of these issues are being addressed using the resources provided by this Platform grant in association with our recently funded projects.