School of Computing


Reliability and cyber-security of future, smart, low carbon electrical networks

This project is funded by the HubNet project, and investigates the problem of designing a secure ICT architecture for the control of increasingly complex energy generation/transmission/distribution. Solutions to the trilemma of energy security,energy equity and environmental sustainability will require the use of distributed renewable energy sources/storage and decarbonisation in heat and transport sectors. These avenues imply a decentralised, non-hierarchical, network that is vastly different from legacy architectures. This trend alone would require that monitoring and control systems are redesigned. In addition, the use of Demand Side Response through dynamic tariffs and demand side management will require enhanced two-way communication between system operators, distributed generators and consumers. Add to the increased complexity of the control task in hand the growing threat of cyber-attacks on power infrastructure and it is clear that the ICT architecture needs to be reconsidered urgently. We offer a powerful collaboration of electrical power systems, computer architecture and cyber-systems expertise to tackle this pressing problem.