School of Computing


School in the Cloud web platform


The School in the Cloud combines SOLEs and the Granny Cloud together through seven experimental facilities funded by the TED prize. In addition, countless teachers around the world are using SOLEs in various forms. Made by Many developed the first version of the website for the School in the Cloud project, which is expected to help the global effort. This was funded by Microsoft and TED. In October 2014 the platform was handed over to the Digital Interaction Group, Culture Lab who are managing the next stage of its development.

The development of the platform provides a number of significant opportunities for high impact research in and across the disciplines of Education, Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. Over the next five years, the School in the Cloud research team will harness these opportunities to produce world-leading research on topics including, computer-mediated and technology-enhanced learning, online communities of practice, online pedagogy, and provide digital novel tools to support the future of learning.