School of Computing


SiDE - Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy

Poor health, disability, family breakdown, poverty and unemployment are just some of the reasons why people of all ages may become marginalised from society and may lack the skills, confidence or opportunities to access and benefit from digital technologies that have the potential to transform their lives. The Digital Economy Research Hub aims to tackle social exclusion by making it easier for people to access the life-changing benefits offered by digital technologies. The £12 million Hub is based at Newcastle University and is a key element of the Research Councils UK Digital Economy research programme. The Hub, in which the University of Dundee will also play a key role, will address four fields where digital technologies and the building of a truly inclusive digital economy could deliver major social benefits: Connected Home & Community; Accessibility; Inclusive Transport Services; and Creative Industries. The researchers will be working closely with people who are affected by social exclusion. The team will work with a group of 3000 volunteers from the Dundee and Newcastle areas, including people from a range of age groups and with a variety of disabilities. In the North East, a large panel of older people recruited and supported by Years Ahead, the Regional Forum on Ageing which is a key partner in the Hub, will be involved.



 Prof. Vicki Hanson (University of Dundee).