School of Computing


STRATA: Layers for Structuring Trustworthy Ambient Systems

The cornerstone of the platform approach and methodology is a vision shared by the investigators that future complex ambient systems have to be structured in layers. These layers, or strata, of system resources and delivered functionality in terms of time and power will be combined with cross-layer fault tolerance and even adherence to the (levels of) specification in an environment where one has to accept that components will fail. STRATA will address the challenges in four interlinked themes: methodology, cross-layer fault tolerance, real-time layering and real power. The skills of the three involved research groups (two from Newcastle and one from York) are complementary and form a solid research base in software, systems and microelectronics to establish a unique team in terms of capability and expertise, with international profiles in formal methods, dependability, real-time and energy-modulated systems. STRATA will provide continuity for research staff, encouraging new, risky, research in areas created by this novel mix of expertise.